Did Jamie Holmes Leave Channel 9 News?

There’s no news on what happened to Jamie as of right now. He was an anchor with WFTV until June 2021, according to his LinkedIn, but he doesn’t have a more recent employment listed, and he hasn’t said publicly why he left that post. Since May 2021, he hasn’t updated his Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram accounts.

Similarly, Where is Nancy Alvarez?

ORLANDOFla. – Channel 9 Eyewitness News is reporting from OrlandoNancy Alvarez, the host of This Morning, left the show on Wednesday to start a new job with the Heart of Florida United Way.

Also, it is asked, Where is Jamie Holmes from?

Jamie Holmes of WFTV has a comfortable life in Orlando. He is a native of the United States who moved to Florida with his family.

Secondly, Who is leaving Channel 9 news?

Vanessa Echols, who has spent almost 30 years at Orlando’s WFTV-Channel 9, revealed Thursday that she would be retiring next month to spend more time with her family after more than 40 years in broadcast journalism. Her last broadcast will take place on May 27.

Also, Who is leaving WFTV news?

— Nancy Alvarezanchor of Channel 9 Eyewitness News, will depart WFTV Channel 9 in November.

People also ask, Who are the news anchors on Channel 9?

Team Sydney News @PeterOverton, @PeterOverton, @PeterOverton, @PeterOverton, @PeterOverton Amber Sherlock is a fictional character. @AmberSherlock is the host. Russell, Belinda @belindarussell Cameron Williams, @camjwilliams, @belindarussell Cameron Williams, @belindarussell Cameron Williams, @belindarussell Cameron Williams, @ Presenter and Reporter Alice Monfries (@alicemonfries). Lara Vella is a character in the film Lara Vella. TODAY Reporter from Sydney. Reporter Damian Ryan. Burrows, Mark. Reporter.

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Where is Marla Weech now?

Marla Weech is a single anchor on News 13’s evening newscasts and an Emmy Award winner and 2017 Anchor Finalist for The Associated Press. News 13 is a multi-platform news station in Orlando, Florida that broadcasts 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Is Jamie Holmes coming back to WFTV?

February: After a year gone, WFTV Meteorologist Brian Shields surprised Jamie Holmes, Nancy Alvarez, Kassandra Crimi, and Deneige Broom with an impromptu visit announcing his return live on air.

Who is Jamie Holmes?

Jamie Holmes is a 25-year veteran news anchor who has covered some of the country’s most important topics from behind the desk and on the field.

Who is the weather girl on Channel 9?

SherlockAmber Simone

Where is Marty Coniglio today?

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln is a public research university in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Are Ryan and Liz still together?

Before the wedding ever took place, I knew it would be one to remember. On this day, two of the loveliest and kindest people on the planet were being married!

Where is Vanessa Echols?

Vanessa Lorraine Echols (born Novem) is a television journalist who works for WFTV in Orlando, Florida, as a noon and 4 p.m. news anchor.

Who left WINK News?

The WINK News crew got an email on July 31 that stated: “Fort Myers Broadcasting Company/WINK News no longer employs Matt Dougherty. Please keep in mind our normal security standards.” “When they dismissed me for no cause, I was stunned and sick to my stomach. My contract was up in two years.

Who is leaving Channel 9 OKC?

On her last Sunday hosting News 9 This MorningAshley Holden, a News 9 anchor and reporter, was surprised with a beautiful tribute.

Where is Lisa Monahan now?

Lisa also won an Emmy in 2017 for anchoring the station’s top-rated weekend evening newscasts. She is presently the anchor and investigative reporter for News9 at Noon.

Who is Denise broom?

Deneige Broom became an anchor for Channel 9’s Eyewitness News This Morning in January 2022. She came to Charlotte from WFTV in Orlando, where she spent many years (during two stints) covering issues that changed the town, including the aftermath of the Pulse nightclub tragedy and George Zimmerman’s trial.

Who is Martha Sugalski married to?

Martha Sugalski of WFTV-Channel 9 and her husband, businessman Robert Reich, gave an intimate peek into their marriage as they spoke about their efforts to conceive, the grief of a miscarriage, and the joy of having triplets.

How many sons does Greg Warmoth have?

Tyler, a pitcher and finance student at Stetson University, and Logan, a junior and baseball player at Lake Brantley High School, are the other sons of the WFTV anchor.

What happened Jorge Estevez?

In January 2020, Jorge Estevez joined WSB-TV Channel 2 as the station’s 5 p.m. and 11 p.m. anchor. Jorge is eager to share the stories that affect the people of North Georgia, having worked as a journalist for more than 20 years.

Where is Sanika Dange?

Sanika Dange is now a weekday co-anchor for WESH 2 News Sunrise, according to the station. For morning broadcasts Monday through Friday, she joins Jason GuyMichelle Imperato, Sheldon Dutes, and meteorologist Kellianne Klass.

Is Elizabeth Creasy married?

Creasy and her husband Pete shared a cute ultrasound shot on Instagram at the start of 2022, announcing their pregnancy.

Does Scherri-Lee Biggs still work for Channel 9?

Biggs was named as the new weather presenter on Nine News Perth in August 2014, succeeding Sally Ayhan. As of 2020, she is still the current weather presenter, and she has also covered events in Perth.

Is Amber pregnant Channel 9?

Amber’s message was followed by a blue love emoji and a baby emoji, implying that she’s expecting a boy. She also shared a single shot of herself standing on the side in a skin-tight black dress with her baby bulge on show.

Is Marty leaving 9News?

“I’d want to let you know that Marty Coniglio is no longer employed with 9News. We appreciate his many years of dedication.” “I am moving onward with the next chances coming up in my life,” Coniglio said in a text response to Westword’s inquiry.

Why did Becky leave 9News?

“I thought it was time to go and experience some new things after a lot of talks with my husband,” she says, adding that one of her aims is to “be more present with my family.”

Why did Becky Ditchfield leave 9News?

The major reason for Ditchfield’s decision to discontinue her run is to spend more time with her family. She praised her employees for their support in helping her develop as a person and a professional throughout the years. Before going to Denver, Ditchfield worked in Hastings, Nebraska, and Little Rock, Arkansas.

Where is Drew soicher?

Drew Soicher is happy to be joining the Miracle League of Arizona after 15 years of helping as a friend, coach, and public address announcer in both Denver and Scottsdale.


Jamie Holmes left Channel 9 News in 2016. Despite rumors that he was fired, he actually left the station on his own volition.

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