Did Kelly Reardon Leave 22 News?

Kelly Reardon, a meteorologist at 22News, has announced her departure after more than three years with the network. “I also have a little bittersweet news,” she remarked on Friday morning. “Today is really my final day at 22 News.”

Similarly, Is Kelly Reardon diabetic?

Kelly Reardon, who was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes during her freshman year of college and went on to become a TV meteorologist and journalist for a small station in her homeland in western Massachusetts, joins us today.

Also, it is asked, Who is Kelly Costa?

Kelly Costa joins FOX Weather as a digital meteorologist after working as the morning meteorologist at NBC affiliate WWLP in Springfield, Massachusetts. Costa documented a number of winter storms and other severe weather occurrences while in Massachusetts.

Secondly, Who is Kelly Riordan engaged to?

The Wedding Website of Kelly Riordan and Isak Peterson.

Also, Who is leaving Channel 13 Albany NY?

Jerry Gretzinger is departing WNYT after more than four years with the station. According to a Facebook post, his final day is Friday, March 11. Gretzinger, who we previously profiled as a “20 things you didn’t know about me,” returned to news in the summer of 2017 after a three-year break.

People also ask, Who is Neal Estano married to?

Fraser, Marcie

Related Questions and Answers

Did Neal Estano get hurt?

On Tuesday, a well-known Upstate New York TV meteorologist was critically wounded in a car accident, and he posted graphic photographs of his injuries and totalled vehicle on social media. WNYT-TV in the Capital Region’s morning meteorologist is Neal Estano.

Who is replacing Benita Zahn?

Subrina Dhammi is going to the nights at WNYT News Channel 13 after almost ten years on the morning program. The news anchor and reporter will join Jerry Gretzinger on Live at 4 and Mark Mulholland on Live at 6 to replace Benita Zahn, who departed the show last month.

Did Bob Kovachick retire?

Bob Kovachick, the longstanding top meteorologist of WNYT Television, will depart the station’s 11 p.m. newscast in early June.

Did Benita Zahn retire?

NewsChannel 13 anchor for many years Benita Zahn will leave the station on Friday after more than 41 years, the most of which she spent as a health reporter and anchor. She maintains a busy sideline in local theater and got a Ph. D. while also hosting the “HealthLink” show on the local PBS station, WMHT-TV.

Where did Paulina Bucka go?

Paulina retired from WHAS-TV in December 2020 and now works as a morning anchor. Since joining WNYT News Channel 13 in March 2021, she has worked as a morning news anchor. Paulina worked as a multimedia journalist and weekend news anchor for WHAS-TV in Louisville, Kentucky, before joining WNYT.

Where does Bob Kovachick live?

He is a professional member of both the American Meteorological Society and the National Weather Association, and has obtained the American Meteorological Society Seal of Approval in Television Weathercasting. Bob, his wife Jill, and their children Sarah and Harrison live in Clifton Park.

What happened to Sabrina Dhami?

In 2010, Subrina was promoted to a permanent anchor position on NewsChannel 13 Live at Noon. She began co-anchoring the Capital Region’s favorite morning program two years later. Subrina, her husband, and their lovely daughter reside in North Greenbush.

Where did Tim Lake go?

Lake (born December) is an Albany, New York-based television news anchor and historical narrative nonfiction author. He was formerly the single anchor of WCAU’s NBC 10 News at 6 p.m., as well as the co-anchor of NBC 10 News at 4 p.m. with Dawn Timmeney and NBC 10 News at 11 p.m. with Renee Chenault-Fattah.

What kind of doctor is Benita Zahn?

Benita Zahn had a modest part in a soap opera in the past. Benita Zahn is a bioethicist with a Master’s and a Doctorate.

Did Jerry gretzinger leave 13?

It seems that another of our local news anchors will be leaving us. In two weeks, Newschannel 13’s Jerry Gretzinger will be departing. Jerry previously departed local media when he worked for CBS6.

What nationality is Jerry gretzinger?


Is Lydia Kulbida still on WTEN?

Lydia Kulbida, a long-time WNYT anchor, has been fired from one of the station’s most popular newscasts.

What is Benita Zahn doing now?

As a qualified health coach with Capital Cardiology, she’ll be working in the medical profession.

Did Paulina Bucka leave WNYT?

“If there’s one thing I’m certain of, it’s that nothing occurs for no reason,” Bucka says. “I quit WNYT to pursue a personal interest. It turns out that having genuine, unfiltered talks is a lot of fun. And it’s good for the soul.”

What happened to Paulina Bucka on WNYT?

She’s about to leave the station. Paulina Bucka departed WNYT after four months. Bucka, who grew up in Brooklyn and was born in Poland, joined WNYT in March. She took over for morning anchor Asa Stackel, who left the station earlier this year to pursue a career in finance.

Did Buckina leave Channel 13?

Paulina Bucka worked at WNYT for four months before bidding her goodbyes to the fans. In July, she quit the station.

What happened Jill Konopka?

As a freelance reporter, Jill Konopka has joined WTIC in Hartford, Connecticut. Konopka formerly worked at WVIT and WFSB before moving to Albany, New York, to serve as an anchor and reporter for WNYT.

What happened ASA stackel?

Asa Stackel, a morning news anchor and reporter for Newschannel 13, announced his departure from the station yesterday. Asa disclosed his new job in Finances at the conclusion of yesterday’s program.

Where is Tim Lake WTEN going?

Lake is a novelist when she is not working at the news desk. He has published a number of works, both fiction and nonfiction. In early January, Lake will leave WTEN/WXXA. Morgan McKay is leaving Spectrum News 1 for a New York City FOX station.

Where is Mary Wilson WTEN?

She’ll be relocating to Massachusetts, where she’ll work as a morning anchor. Mary joined WTEN in 2015 and was promoted to morning anchor in August of 2020. She is relocating to be closer to her family and friends. You may read her whole Facebook post regarding her departure below.

Why is Benita Zahn leaving WNYT?

Benita Zahn is leaving NBC station WNYT in Albany, New York, after more than 40 years to pursue a career as a health coach. “I’ve been studying to become a certified health coach, and I’ll be working for a local firm.” “I’m not going to help you lose 20 pounds,” Zahn said to viewers Tuesday night.


Kelly Reardon is a broadcast journalist for 22 News. She was recently in the news for leaving 22 News and joining Fox News. The article asks if she is married or not.

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