Did Liz Dueweke Leave Q13 News?

Similarly, What happened to Q13 news anchor?

Matt Lorch is leaving FOX 13/Q13 after ten years to follow his love for assisting local NGOs! We reflected on his career and tenure at FOX 13.

Also, it is asked, Who is the new weather person on Q13?


Secondly, Is Bill Wixey leave Q13 news?

Bill Wixey is not retiring, and he will be back on Q13 FOX News This Morning on ThursdayFriday, next week, and beyond.

Also, Where is Bill Wixey on Q13 news?

Bill Wixey is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has worked as an anchor, reporter, producer, and writer for almost two decades. Weekdays from 5-10 a.m., Bill co-anchors KCPQ’s “Q13 News This Morning,” Seattle’s top-rated five-hour morning program.

People also ask, Is Kelly Chapman married?

Kelly and her husband, a meteorologist, have three children and enjoy spending time as a family. Kelly enjoys interior design, rearranging furniture, baking, gardening, walking her dog, and watching Hallmark Christmas movies because she has a passion for beautiful settings and homes.

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Where is Dani Ruberti working now?

Anchor for Traffic and WeatherSalt Lake City is in Utah. Be silent.

Who is the weather lady on Fox News?


Is Kaci Aitchison coming back to Q13?

News from Q13. Q13 News in Seattle Kaci Aitchison, the host of This Morning, returned to the studio on Friday with a huge surprise.

What is M.J. McDermott full name?

Jean Mary

Why is Walter Kelley moving to Arizona?

SEATTLE, WA – We at Q13 News are having an emotional week since a longstanding member of our crew is relocating to Arizona to be closer to family. Walter Kelley has been the Chief Meteorologist of KCPQ since the station began broadcasting in 1997.

Did alyana Gomez leave Q13 FOX news?

Alyana Gomez is no longer with FOX 13 – PugetSound. Media

Why did Brandi leave Fox 13?

Kruse disclosed why she left KCPQ-13 on KIRO Radio, citing a disagreement with FOX 13 management about the future of her program, which she launched in 2019. “We couldn’t get over that conflict,” Brandi said. “I was angry because it was so important to me.”

How do I contact q13 news?

[email protected] is the email address for FOX 13 news tips. Please contact [email protected] with any programming comments, questions, or concerns. Grow Your Business With FOX 13 & FOX 13+ Advertising Please contact [email protected] for commercial, paid footage of FOX 13 News Stories and archive (not viewer requests).

Where is hope Woodside now?

Woodside, a former Fox 13 News anchor, lived in Jeremy Ranch at the time of the arrests and currently resides in Arizona.

Who was Fred Lozano married to?

Kelly Chapmananchor

Where is Big Buddha on Channel 13 Fox News?

According to his Facebook and Instagram pages, which were last updated on November 4th, Big Budah is still working at Fox 13 in West Jordan, Utah.

Who are the meteorologist on Fox 13 Utah?

SocialBrek Bolton is the weekend meteorologist for Fox 13.

Where did Amy Freeze go to?

Fox News Weather

Did M.J. McDermott retire?

M.J. McDermott, the beloved kids’ program presenter turned meteorologist, has retired. Few people will remember M.J McDermott’s early years anchoring a kids’ program on Channel 11 when she leaves this week from Channel 13.

Is Walter Kelley married?

Walter and his wife Michelle treasured family excursions around the Pacific Northwest, which he can scarcely count. Through the eyes of their two sons, who have spent their lives exploring rugged coasts and gloomy tunnels.

What channel is Walter Kelley on in Arizona?


Where did alyana Gomez go?

Alyana then relocated to Hartford, Connecticut, where she hosted weekend morning shows and assisted in the establishment of a consumer investigative team. With the birth of her son, she also became a mother for the first time.

Is q13 Fox the same as Fox News?

FOX 13 is a sister station of MyNetworkTV affiliate FOX 13+ (KZJO), and the two stations share studios in Seattle’s Westlake area, on the west bank of Lake Union. FOX 13 News, Western Washington’s #1 local news station, is broadcast on FOX 13 and FOX 13+.

How do I contact Fox News anchors?

Call 1-888-369-4762 to reach Fox News. If you have a general question, remarksuggestion, or concern, call this number.

What channel is JOEtv in Seattle?

22nd channel

Is Mark Koelbel still married?

Pamela Wilkie Koelbel is Mark’s wife. He likes playing tennis, basketball, and drums.

Did Kerri Cronk retire?

Despite her love/hate connection with her program, she has remained mum about the cause for her departure. Kerri Cronk had spent a long time at the alarm clock and was thrilled to join the Good Day Utah team.

Is Debbie Worthen working for KSL?

Debbie Worthen joins the KSL Newsroom with over two decades of award-winning journalistic experience and is excited to be working for Utah’s heritage news company. She co-anchors weekends with Dan Rascon and reports at 10 p.m. for the #1 rated KSL 5 News.

Where is Chris Marrou now?

Chris Marrou | City of Von Ormy, Texas Municipal Judge | LinkedIn


Liz Dueweke, the morning anchor at Q13 News left her job on Monday. Her departure was announced on air but she did not say anything herself. The decision to leave came just one day after a segment in which she criticized the station’s coverage of an anti-Muslim rally that took place outside Seattle City Hall.

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