How To Change Weather Location On Google News?

Web-based settings may be changed. Go to Google News for more information. Click Menu if you don’t see the menu on the left. To modify a setting, go to the bottom left and select Settings. Click Language & Region to change your language or location.

Similarly, How do I change my weather location?

Version 10.0 of Android OS (Q) 1 Select Widget settings by long pressing the Weather widget. 2 Select a new place to show by tapping on Change. 3 After you’ve made your modifications, you’ll be able to see the weather in your new location.

Also, it is asked, How do I change the default location for Google weather app?

How can I modify my Google location? Launch the Google Settings app on your Android phone or tablet. Take control of your Google account. Tap Data & customization at the top of the screen. Tap Location History under “Activity controls.” Change whether your account or your devices can send Google location data:

Secondly, How do I change my location on Google?

A location may be added, changed, or removed. Say “Hey Google, open Assistant settings” on your Android phone or tablet. Alternatively, go to Assistant’s settings. You should be tapped. It’s your territory. An address may be added, changed, or removed.

Also, How do I change the default city on the weather Channel?

Simply press and hold on your widget to do this. Select Edit Widget from the drop-down menu. Choose between “my location” and “location.” Choose the place you’d want the widget to keep track of. To close the “location window,” tap outside of it.

People also ask, How do I change the Weather location on my Iphone Google?

To alter the default placement of the Weather widget, just tap and hold it. In the pop-up menu, choose Edit “Weather.” The place that is marked in blue should be tapped. In the Search field, type the default location you want, or touch it from the list that shows as you type.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I change the location of my Weather widget on Android?

How can I modify the location that is displayed? Select Settings after touching and holding the Weather widget. Change the current location by tapping the Change button next to it. Tap Save after selecting a new place to show. After you’ve made the necessary adjustments, you’ll be able to see the weather for the new place you’ve chosen.

How do I add a city to my Weather app?

Then touch the Add icon in the Weather app (at the top of the screen). In the Search city box, type a location, then press the city you wish to add. To update your current location, tap Current location (at the top of the screen).

Why is my location wrong on Google?

Here are some things you can do if you receive an error like “Your location cannot be determined” or if your location is still incorrect: Reload the page in your browser (such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari). Verify that you have a stable internet connection.

How do I reset my home location on Google?

Change your address at home or at work Open the Google Maps app on your Android phone or tablet. Select Saved from the drop-down menu. Tap Labeled under “Your lists.” Tap More next to “Home” or “Work.” Editing at home or at work is a choice. Remove the existing address and replace it with a new one.

How do I change location on AccuWeather?

Website: When you hover your mouse over the drop-down arrow to the right of your most recently seen location, will display the past 5 areas you’ve looked for. To change the units on Android, press the action icon (3 vertical dots) in the upper right corner.

How do I remove Cupertino from Weather?

If you want to erase the city, press the circular red symbol with a white line to the left of “Cupertino,” then tap the “Delete” button.

Why does my Weather app say Cupertino?

This is because the weather in Cupertino, where Apple’s headquarters are located, is usually better! If you still want to alter it (the iPhone comes pre-programmed with Cupertino), click the small I symbol in the lower right corner, then the “+” icon in the upper right corner, and type in your hometown.

Why is my location wrong on my phone?

If the GPS signal is blocked, location settings are deactivated, or you are not utilizing the optimum location technique, the location information for Samsung devices running Android 10 OS may look erroneous.

Why is my location wrong on my Iphone?

Make sure Location Services is turned on and Maps is set to While Using the App or Widgets under Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure your device’s date, time, and time zone are set properly. To change the date and time, go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Use Set Automatically if at all possible.

How do I change my default location on Iphone?

Go to Settings > General > Return and hit Reset Location & Privacy to reset all of your location settings to factory defaults. When you reset your location and privacy settings, applications will no longer be able to use your location unless you give them permission.

How do I change the Weather source on my Android?

You’ll be in the weather app after tapping the weather icon on the home screen. It should be changed there (if, by source you mean weather for a different location)

Why is my location wrong on my Android phone?

Go to Settings and check the Location option to see whether your location services are turned on. The first option under Location should now be Mode; press it and change the accuracy to High. This app estimates your position using your GPS, as well as your Wi-Fi and mobile networks.

How many cities can you have on Weather app?

a total of 20 cities

How do you add a city to the Weather app on iPhone?

Tap the location symbol, then the Spotlight icon to add a city to your weather list. Enter the city’s name, zip code, or airport address. Then touch Add after selecting the city “

How do you add a Weather location on iPhone?

In your weather list, you may add, remove, and reorganize places. To view your weather list, tap. Try one or more of the following: Include a location: In the search area, type the name of the city, zip code, or airport code, press the location, and then tap Add. To remove a place, follow these steps: Tap the place after swiping left on it. Alternatively, you may tap.

How do I fix my location?

Step 1: Launch Chrome and choose the menu option in the top right corner of the screen. Step 2: Select “Settings” from the drop-down menu. Step 3: Select “Site Settings” > “Location” from the drop-down menu. Step 4: Verify whether or not Location access is enabled.

Why does Google think I am in another country?

It’s possible that this is simply a browser issue, so try a different browser to see if that’s the case. In certain cases, the problem may be traced back to the cache, which can be resolved by simply cleaning it. Adjusting your location settings should remedy the issue if a website believes you’re in a different country.

How do I change my home and work on Google Maps?

How to alter or set your Google Maps address Tap Saved in the bottom-center of the screen in the Google Maps iPhone or Android app. Tap Labeled from the drop-down selection that displays. If you already have a Home location, press the three dots next to it and select Edit home to change it. The search bar will display on the screen.

How do I change incorrect information on Google Maps?

Remove any listings that are false or deceptive. Launch Google Maps. Locate the location where you wish to submit a report for consideration. Choose a location. Make a suggestion for a change. Close or delete the item. Select the reason why the location should be demolished. Submit the form.

How do you remove cities from AccuWeather?

App for Android Tap the menu icon in the AccuWeather app on your mobile device (three horizontal lines). Tap and hold the name of the place you wish to eliminate in the location list. To erase the location, click the trash can symbol when it displays.

What’s better AccuWeather or weather Channel?

The Weather Channel and Weather Underground are once again at the top of the rankings in terms of high-temperature forecasting, while AccuWeather outperforms all competitors in terms of low-temperature forecasting to within three degrees.

Why is my weather widget showing the wrong city?

Toggle the location settings in your app or phone to see if it fixes the problem. Take the following steps: Make sure Location is ON in Settings > Location. Select High Accuracy from the Mode drop-down menu.

How do I change the default weather on Cupertino?

All responses Weather widget with a long push. When a drop-down option appears, choose “modify widget.” Select the “my location” option.

How do I reset my Weather app?

Navigate to Settings > Programs > Manage applications > All tab > Weather provider > Clear data on an Android 2. x phone. Navigate to Settings > Apps > All > Weather > Clear data on an Android 4.x or above phone.

How do you change your location on your phone?

Android versions 12 and above From the top of the screen, swipe down. Place your finger on Location and keep it there. If you are unable to locate Location, choose Edit or Settings. Add Location to your Quick Settings by dragging it in. Select Location Services from the menu. Accuracy of Google’s location. Improve Location Accuracy may be turned on or off.


The “Google News Settings” are the settings that allow you to change the weather location on Google news. It is located in your account settings.

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