How To Get News On Twitter?

Similarly, How do I find news on Twitter?

Discovering news on Twitter You must locate the bar with the eyewear before you can search. This will be on the left side of your browser. This will be one of the bottom-most icons on the app on your phone. Once there, start putting whatever you’re interested in into the search field.

Also, it is asked, Does Twitter have a news feed?

One of the most popular social networks nowadays is Twitter. When it comes to breaking news, Twitter is even quicker than the international media.

Secondly, How do I add news feed to Twitter?

Click “Create New Feed” after selecting “My Feeds.” From the drop-down selection for “create new feed,” choose “Twitter.” Enter the Twitter account’s username and password. Enter the RSS feed’s URL if you want it to show up on your Twitter page.

Also, What is Twitter’s news feed called?


People also ask, How do you follow a topic on Twitter?

Searching for a Topic to follow? You’ll see requests to follow different Topics from your profile menu, on your Home timeline, and in search results. We’ll customize your Twitter experience with relevant Tweets, events, and advertisements if you only follow the Topic.

Related Questions and Answers

How do beginners use Twitter?

Creating a Twitter account Click Sign Up after visiting in your computer browser. On the Twitter app, choose Create Account. Give your name. Click “Sign Up” after entering your phone number, email address, and birthdate. Await the email or text message with your verification code. Enter a password, then choose Next.

How do I watch a live Twitter feed?

Tweets are the only format for live videos on Twitter. In other words, if a person you follow begins a live Twitter broadcast, it will show up on your timeline. A live video from a certain person will also appear as a tweet on their profile if you search for them.

Why doesn’t my Twitter feed show all tweets?

Are you wondering why the most recent tweets aren’t at the top of your Twitter timeline’s chronological list of tweets? It’s most likely because you have “Home” mode selected on your timeline, which puts suggested tweets at the top of the timeline.

Does Twitter have live stream?

how to make videos that are live. Direct sharing of live videos is possible using the Twitter app. When composing a Tweet, tap the camera symbol, then swipe right to “LIVE” to begin a live video. To incorporate a Tweet with your video, write “What’s Happening?” and then press “Go LIVE” when you’re ready.

Why should I not use Twitter?

Large Amount of Spam on the Site Users and companies alike should be aware of Twitter spam since false accounts are filling people’s feeds with phony goods and possibly dangerous links.

How do you control content on Twitter?

Press the “more” button. From the drop-down box, choose Settings and privacy. Navigate to your security and privacy settings. Mark media you Tweet as having content that may be sensitive by checking the box next to it in the Your Tweets section.

What is a timeline on Twitter?

Your home timeline will be shown when you log in to Twitter. A stream of Tweets from Twitter accounts that you have selected to follow are shown on your home timeline. New users could view material that has been offered to them using various signals. A list of the most fascinating Tweets you have received since your previous visit could be shown.

How do I use social media on Twitter?

Twitter usage guidelines Establish a Twitter account. You must provide your name and either an email address or phone number when creating your account. Pick a secure password. Sync your phone number with Twitter. You may choose which accounts to follow. Make a Twitter username.

Why do I need a Twitter account to read tweets?

You can read anyone’s tweets on Twitter without having to create an account; all you have to do is go to their profile page. However, keep in mind that if someone has set their account to private, you won’t be able to read their profile. You can’t ask to follow someone if you don’t have an account.

How do I find Twitter communities?

seeing tweets from the community You will see the Communities tab in your iOS Twitter app or the sidebar on if you are a member of one or more Communities. You will see a Communities timeline with just Tweets sent into the Communities you are a part of once you go on the main Communities page.

What are lists on Twitter?

You may personalize, categorize, and prioritize the Tweets that appear on your timeline with Twitter Lists. On Twitter, you have the option of joining Lists made by other users or creating your own Lists of other accounts based on a particular group, subject, or interest.

What is the best way to use Twitter?

Rapid Twitter advice 1-2 hashtags maximum per Tweet. Speak in conversation. Keep your text brief and to the point. When feasible, include pictures, GIFs, and/or videos. Test repeatedly (and use analytics to see what works) Observe current affairs and hot topics.

Is Twitter for free?

You won’t be charged by Twitter to send texts or use However, depending on the sort of data/rate plan you are presently on, you can notice usage charges from your service provider.

How do I find live streams?

Utilize YouTube’s Premieres and live broadcasts to watch and interact with others. You may view material that is streamed in real-time alongside others through live streaming on YouTube. To see a list of future and ongoing premieres and live streams: Activate the YouTube app. Select Explore from the bottom. Tap the Live destination from the top.

Can someone see you watching their live if you don’t click on it?

Can my Facebook friend tell that I viewed their live video? There is no way to know you have viewed a live video after it has finished unless you leave a remark, like, share, or post it on your timeline. However, if you are friends on Facebook with the video publisher, they will be able to see when you comment on the video.

Is Periscope still a thing?

On March 31st, 2021, six years after it was originally made available to the public, Periscope was finally discontinued. Users may still see their old broadcasts by going to the Periscope website and logging onto their accounts.

How do I fix my Twitter feed?

How to Improve Your Twitter Feed, Per Elon Musk Select the Home tab while Twitter is open. In the upper right corner, tap the Sparkle symbol. Choose Change to Latest Tweets. Twitter will change to a chronological feed right now. You’re already utilizing a chronological feed if you see Switch to Home.

How do I see more Tweets?

When a user’s timeline would automatically refresh, tweets would often vanish from visibility as they were being read in the past, according to Twitter. By clicking on the tweet counter bar at the top of their timelines, users may now load fresh tweets whenever they wish.

Why is Twitter only showing a few posts 2021?

View the content preferences on Twitter. Your selections for content may be the root of the Twitter feed issue. You may filter posts and tweets that appear on your timeline on Twitter by setting custom settings. You could have incorrectly configured filters that prevent all tweets from appearing on your timeline.

Why can’t I watch live streams on Twitter?

Try the instructions below if you’re experiencing issues with For the mobile browser on your device, try deleting your cache and cookies. Cache and cookies may be cleared from your mobile browser’s settings menu. For five minutes, turn off your phone to reset the connection.

How do I access Periscope?

Periscope is accessible through web, iOS, and Android. You need an Android smartphone running 5.0 (Lollipop) or above, or an Apple device running iOS 11 or higher, in order to utilize Periscope. Tap Create New Account in the Periscope app. On the next page, choose Facebook. Enter your Facebook login information. Select a username for Periscope.

Which is the best live streaming app?

Best Android Live Streaming Apps, Part 1 Periscope. Twitch. Liven up. Live VK. Facebook Live. Instagram. 365Scores. WatchESPN.

Is Twitter better than Facebook?

Facebook’s potential lone game-changing element is the improvement of family connections. Twitter’s appeal is undeniably that it makes communication with the rest of the world easier. Messenger is wonderful for conversations and other communication-related tasks, but utilizing specialized applications still offers more feature-rich functionality.


Twitter is a social media platform that allows users to share information. It can be used for news, sports, and entertainment purposes. This article will provide some tips on how to get the most out of your Twitter account.

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