How To Turn Off Samsung News?

Scroll down the list on the channel listing screen and touch the toggle to Off for any channels you don’t want to view material for. Simply switch All channels to Off to deactivate the whole channel category. There are more options for customizing the app on the Samsung Free settings page.

Similarly, How do I block Samsung news?

On the Bixby home screen of my Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+, how can I customize my newsfeed? Activate the Bixby Home screen. Tap on a story from the news source you want to conceal, then tap the source link at the bottom of the story. Simply choose “Hide all news from.”

Also, it is asked, How do I disable Samsung Upday?

You may delete upday using the steps below on Samsung devices when it is a part of Bixby Assistant or Samsung Daily: Swipe right from your home screen to access Bixby/Samsung Daily. Next, choose one of the following menu choices from the Bixby/Samsung Daily’s 3-dot menu: Disable all widgets under Maps > Upday.

Secondly, How do I change my Samsung news to Google News?

Long-press any empty place on your home screen to access more YouTube videos. Swipe until you reach the last card on the left. To completely turn off the news feed card, tap the toggle. Alternatively, choose Google Discover over Samsung Free. When you press Home, the Google Discover card will appear in front of you.

Also, How do I get rid of News Home app on Android?

To see the applications on your smartphone, choose the “Manageoption. Find the app’s name by scrolling down until you see it. Regarding Samsung devices: On your smartphone, locate and launch the “Settings” app. Select “Apps” Select “HomePage News.” Select “Home Screen” Choose a different app to serve as your home app. “Uninstall” is found by scrolling up.

People also ask, Who runs upday?

Axel Springer and Samsung have partnered to launch UPDAY as a part of their strategic alliance. UPDAY separates news into two categories: First, “Top News,” which is put together by editorial teams in the various nations.

Related Questions and Answers

Where is upday?

The upday iOS app may be downloaded from the Apple App Store, while the upday Android app can be obtained in the Google Play Store.

How do I remove Bixby from my phone?

A option to do so may be found in the upper right corner of the Bixby Home window. To access Bixby Home on Android Oreo smartphones, slide right from the home screen or select the Bixby button (located next to the volume controls).

How do I change my news feed on my Samsung phone?

Modify the tale display options. Open the Google News app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap your profile photo or initial in the upper right corner of the News settings page. Activate Mini cards.

How do I turn off Samsung free on my phone?

This may be done in a rather simple manner. To access Android’s home screen editing mode, long press any empty space on your home screen. The Samsung Free window may be found by completely swiping to the leftmost screen. Toggle it to the Off position by tapping the toggle at the top of the screen.

How do I change my Samsung media page?

To access the media page, long-press on the home screen of your Samsung phone and slide right. To completely eliminate the media page, choose Google Discover or turn off the toggle.

How do I get news home off my phone?

On an Android device: Choose Settings > New Tab Page from the menu. Change your news source, select your location and language, or turn off the “Show My News Feed” option.

How do I delete a news app?

It’s easy to remove applications from vanilla Android: Step 1: From your home screen or app drawer, choose the Settings app. Step 2: Select App Info from the Apps and Notifications menu. Step 3: Scroll through the list until you locate and touch the app you wish to uninstall. Choose Uninstall in Step 4.

How do I disable Google News?

Here’s how to activate or deactivate the function. Tap “Apps” on the Home screen. Select “Google.” In the upper-left corner, click the “Menu” button. Choose “Settings.” Select “Your feed.” Set the screen’s settings as desired: Updates might appear in the notification area or not depending on the “Notifications” configuration.

What is Samsung taboola?

Regarding Taboola Taboola powers recommendations for the public internet, assisting users in finding content they would like. Digital assets, including as websites, mobile applications, and gadgets, leverage the company’s artificial intelligence-powered platform to increase user engagement and profitability.

How do I get rid of taboola news on my Android phone?

Taboola may be found in the list of installed apps by selecting Apps. In the bottom right-hand corner, click it and choose Delete.

What news app does Samsung use?

Flipboard is the name of the news card. To see the most recent headlines, swipe over it. By selecting the various choices, you may see tales from various categories (Technology, Celebrity, etc.).

Is upday news reliable?

Our upday news is designed to provide customers trustworthy content from reputable sources in a time-saving fashion. Our customers have the most autonomy and choice over what information they want to read from their preferred news source because to the variety and openness of sources and breaking news on upday.

What is upday app on Android?

Upday locates the news and articles that really interest you. It pulls news from hundreds of sources just for you using a lot of rocket science and a dash of magic. entirely on your Samsung smartphone, all in one location. Additionally, your suggestions will improve as you utilize upday more often.

Where has Samsung Daily gone?

Samsung Free is now being used in place of Samsung Daily by the corporation. Users have received a notification from the firm informing them of the change to the Samsung Daily feed. On the leftmost homescreen, Samsung Free will be located and have a simplified look.

What is one UI home on my phone?

One UI Home: What is it? Every Android smartphone has a launcher, and Samsung’s version for its Galaxy products is called One UI Home. This launcher enables app opening and allows you change the widgets and themes on the home screen. It completely re-skins the phone’s UI and includes a ton of original features.

What happens if I uninstall Bixby?

Nothing will happen if you completely deactivate Bixby. Samsung’s assistant is still fully operational at this time, and you can still activate Bixby by speaking to it or sliding over to Bixby Home, which is located to the left of your primary home screen. Once again, it’s worthwhile to at least give Bixby a try to see how you like it.

Is Bixby necessary?

The issue with Bixby is that it’s actually not that bad; it’s simply superfluous. Assistant is more capable than Bixby at everything. Though Google Lens has since gained popularity, Bixby Vision was once considered to be its most helpful function. Samsung, I’m sorry.

What is the purpose of Bixby?

A smart assistant called Bixby allows voice control of your phone, but it is capable of much more. The three primary aspects of Bixby that you should get familiar with are Bixby Voice, Bixby Vision, and Bixby Routines. You may communicate with Bixby using these practical methods by speaking, using your camera, or touching the screen.

What is Samsung free News?

News articles, live TV, podcasts, and interactive games may all be accessed via Samsung Free, a service that aggregates information. Users may access the material without paying anything. Swiping left on the Home screen will take you to Samsung Free.

How do you get rid of Discover bar on Samsung?

Disable Discover Open the Google app on your Android smartphone or tablet. Tap your profile image or the initial Settings in the upper right corner. General. Disable Discover.

Why does Samsung Free keep popping up?

You won’t see Samsung Free until you’ve installed the most recent upgrades for your Samsung smartphone. However, because the majority of Samsung smartphones compel an upgrade after three attempts to ignore it, it’s likely that your phone has already received the One UI 3.0 update.

How do I remove Samsung free Apps?

Samsung Free cannot be deleted, however you may deactivate it to take it off of your Home screens so that it does not show up when you swipe right. Simply touch and hold a white area of the screen on the Home screen to get to the Samsung Free page by swiping right. To turn off Samsung Free, tap the switch next to it.


Samsung news is a feature that allows Samsung users to get the latest news on their phone. This feature can be turned off if you want to save battery life.

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