How To Tweet News Articles?

On the browser and on your mobile device, follow the steps below to share a link in a Tweet. Start a new text message or open your chosen mobile app. In your Tweet, type or paste the URL. Wherever you submit links, they will be shortened using Twitter’s link shortener.

Similarly, Can you write articles on Twitter?

To make your initial tweet into a thread, use the Plus button while writing it. You have the option of leaving the link out and adding it later, or you may finish the conversation with a link to your article.

Also, it is asked, What is the best way to use Twitter for news?

When you find a news article you’re interested in that has a hashtag included in the tweet, click on that hashtag for our reasons. This will start a search for anything that has that word in it, and you’re ready to go! This is the most convenient method to locate recent, relevant tweets on current events.

Secondly, Can you embed a link in a tweet?

Step 1: Go to and type or paste the URL into the Tweet box. Step 2: A URL of any length will then be changed to 23 characters, even if the link is less than 23 characters. This will be reflected in your character count. Step 3: To submit your Tweet and link, click the Tweet button.

Also, How do you embed a tweet?

How to use the Twitter website to embed a tweet In a web browser, go to Twitter, log in if required, and look for the tweet you wish to embed. Toggle between the three dots in the upper right corner of the tweet. Choose “Embed Tweet” from the dropdown menu. It should now take you to the Twitter Publish page. Click “Update.” after you’re finished.

People also ask, How do you share an article?

Article may be shared with anyone, anywhere. Log in to Author Services to get started. Find the article you want to share in My Articles and click Manage Article. Click Get shareable link on the ‘Share your material’ card. Copy your unique sharing link and send it to anybody, anywhere to get access to your content.

Related Questions and Answers

How do I share a publication on Twitter?

ACADEMICS’ TWITTER TIPS: HOW TO TWEET ABOUT YOUR PUBLICATION Compose a string of tweets to tell a narrative. Create a visual focal point. Make use of hashtags and tags. Remember to provide a link to your article. Find your own unique voice. Make sure you tweet at the right moment for your target demographic. Tell the tale again. A word on contentious issues.

How do I promote my writing on Twitter?

Following other authors is one of the methods to connect with other writers on Twitter. Playing hashtag games and participating in hashtag discussions. Retweeting and liking their tweets. Leaving comments on the tweets of other authors.

How do you tweet a picture from the internet?

To add a new picture or video to your Tweet, tap the camera icon. To connect an existing picture, video, or GIF, tap the photo icon. After you’ve picked two or more photographs, you may move and reorganize them before Tweeting by tapping and holding one of them. Tip: Learn how to incorporate a video in your Tweet by reading this article.

Can you add images to click to tweet?

While photos cannot be attached to twitter buttons or click-to-tweet links, you may provide a link to an image that has already been tweeted.

Can Twitter be used for news?

On Twitter, you may follow news in a variety of ways: Watch for breaking news headlines as you go through your timeline. You may then click through to read the whole article. You may help disseminate a news article by retweeting it to your followers or responding to it on Twitter.

Does Twitter have a news feed?

Today, Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms. Twitter is even quicker than the mainstream media in reporting major news occurrences.

What does embed tweet mean?

Embedded Tweets allow you to include Twitter information into your website articles. An embedded Tweet may feature photographs, videos, and cards produced specifically for Twitter, as well as live video from Periscope.

What is Tweet URL?

Examine the Web address in the address bar of your browser. This is the link to your Twitter account. Copy the link and send it to your friends to direct them to your Twitter account.

What is the best time to tweet?

The most common period to tweet is noon to 1:00 p.m. local time, which is the most popular hour for each time zone on average. The most tweets are sent between 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., with a peak between noon and 1:00 p.m. Between 3:00 and 4:00 a.m., the fewest tweets are sent.

What does embed post mean?

Embedded Updates are a quick and easy method to include public Facebook posts from a Page or a person into the text of your website or web page. It is only possible to integrate public postings from Facebook Pages and profiles.

What is the best way to connect to a Tweet, Moment, List, Twitter Space, or Community? Go to the Tweet you’d want the URL for and click it. Select the share button. To share a tweet, tap Share Tweet via. To tweet a link, choose Copy link. You should now have the URL copied to your clipboard.

How do you post news on social media?

7 Content Writing Tips for Social Media Do your homework. You must make your social postings very relevant to your target group if you want your audience to notice and connect with them. Speak to them in their own language. Develop your own unique voice. Maintain an optimistic attitude. Keep it brief and straightforward. Make use of photos and videos. Add a call to action to your page.

How do I share something with the news?

Tell a tale. Open the Google News app on your phone. Tap More Share under a story you’d want to share. Tap Type a name, phone number, or email address, as well as the picture of a contact. Choose one or more individuals. If you want to share with: An email address or a phone number: Sends an email with a link to the article. Tap Add a message if you wish to leave a message. Press the Send button.

How do you share a news story?

You may use your Google News app or other applications to share news you see on Google News Share Google News articles with others. Go to Google News for more information. Click Share next to a story you’d want to share. Choose how you’d like to share. Consider the following scenario: Copy the URL. Facebook and Twitter are two popular social media platforms.

Can you post blogs on Twitter?

Because blog articles are examples of your work that are brief, digestible, and accessible with the click of a link, Twitter is ideal for advertising them. Here are some ideas on how to utilize Twitter to promote your blog’s writing in a captivating manner.

What is the difference between a blog and Twitter?

Length of Post The duration of entries is one of the key distinctions between a blog and a Twitter profile. The length of Twitter postings, known as “tweets,” is restricted to 140 characters. Blog postings have no character or length limits and are totally dependent on the blogger’s preferences.

Do writers need Twitter?

You don’t have to be on Twitter if you have an agent or self-published your book. You don’t have to be on Twitter if you’re a YA author or an adult historian. You don’t have to be on Twitter, whether you enjoy social media or despise it.

How do journalists gain Twitter followers?

In conclusion, based on our data, here are some ways journalists and news organizations might enhance follower growth and Twitter engagement: Live-tweet information pertaining to your beat. For context, use hashtags and @cite your sources. Twitter followers will be able to see what you’re reading. To curate, use the Retweet button.

How do beginners use Twitter?

What is the procedure for creating a Twitter account? Click Sign Up on in your computer browser. Alternatively, in the Twitter app, hit Create Account. Make a name for yourself. Click Sign Up after entering your phone number, email address, and date of birth. Wait for your verification code to arrive in the form of an email or text message. Tap Next once you’ve created your password.

How do you post a tweet?

In the write box at the top of your Home timeline, type your Tweet (up to 280 characters), or click the Tweet icon in the navigation bar. In your Tweet, you may add up to four photographs, a GIF, or a video. To submit the Tweet to your profile, click the Tweet button.

A preview should appear if the link’s website has Twitter Cards enabled. Enter the URL into Twitter’s Card validator to check whether the site you’re linked to has a Twitter Card and what it will look like. Find out more about Twitter Cards and how to incorporate them into your website.

Typically, link previews are created by collecting the URL and processing the page’s meta elements for title and description, as well as image tags for thumbnails. Basic GET queries to the URL may be used to do this. When we just want to parse the meta tags and the page is rendered on the server, this way works.


To post an article on twitter without a link, you can use the “Tweeting from your phone” option in the app. This will create a tweet with a link to the article that you are tweeting.

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