Is Pete Hegseth Leaving Fox News?

Rumors are swirling that Pete Hegseth is leaving Fox News. Here’s what we know about the situation.

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Is Pete Hegseth leaving Fox News? That’s the rumor that’s been circulating ever since his name was mentioned as a possible replacement for Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff.

Hegseth is a regular contributor on Fox News and has been a guest host on Fox & Friends. He is a military veteran and an outspoken supporter of President Donald Trump.

The rumors about Hegseth leaving Fox News started after it was reported that he was under consideration for the Chief of Staff job. Hegseth himself has not commented on the rumors, but a source close to him told the Daily Beast that he is not interested in the job.

If Hegseth does leave Fox News, it would not be the first time a contributor has left the network for a position in the Trump Administration. Monica Crowley, who was also a regular contributor on Fox News, left the network in 2017 to become the senior director of communications for the National Security Council.

Rumors of Pete Hegseth Leaving Fox News

Pete Hegseth, a favorite of President Donald Trump, is in talks to leave Fox News, according to people familiar with the matter. Hegseth, who hosts the weekend show “Fox & Friends,” has been approached by the White House about a role within the administration, the people said. The job being discussed is secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs, the people said.

Hegseth’s Contract is Up

Pete Hegseth is a Fox News Channel contributor and host of Fox & Friends Weekend. His contract is up and there have been rumors that he may be leaving the network.

Hegseth was a guest on “The Brian Kilmeade Show” on Tuesday morning and was asked about the rumors. He said, “I don’t know, my contract’s up. I’ve been at Fox for eight years, it’s been an amazing ride. I love this network, I love the people here, but you gotta stay fresh, you gotta stay challenged.”

Hegseth said he has “a lot of options” and is “kicking around some ideas.” He added that he is “very grateful to Fox News” and has “nothing but good things to say” about the network.

Hegseth is Rumored to be Joining the Trump Administration

Pete Hegseth, a regular contributor on Fox News, is rumored to be leaving the network to join the Trump administration. He has been mentioned as a potential candidate for several positions, including Veterans Affairs secretary.

Hegseth is a veteran of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and is a vocal supporter of Donald Trump. He has been a frequent critic of the media and has said that he would like to work in the Trump administration.

There has been no confirmation from Hegseth or Fox News about these rumors, but sources close to Hegseth say that he is seriously considering leaving the network.

What Would Happen if Hegseth Left Fox News?

Pete Hegseth has been a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend since 2016, but there is speculation that he may be leaving the network. If Hegseth does leave Fox News, it is unclear who would replace him. Hegseth is a veteran of the Iraq War and has worked as a commentator for various news outlets.

Hegseth is a Key Host on Fox & Friends

Hegseth is a regular co-host on Fox & Friends, one of President Donald Trump’s favorite shows. He has been with the network since 2016.

If Hegseth were to leave Fox News, it would be a big loss for the network. He is a key part of the morning show and brings a lot of energy to the table. He is also very popular with viewers.

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Hegseth is a Regular Substitute Host for Sean Hannity

Pete Hegseth is a regular substitute host for Sean Hannity on Fox News, and Hannity is one of the most popular hosts on the network. Hegseth has also been a co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, and he currently has his own show, Fox & Friends First.

If Hegseth were to leave Fox News, it’s possible that he could be replaced by another regular substitute host for Hannity, such as Mark Levin or Laura Ingraham. However, it’s also possible that Hegseth’s departure could lead to a shakeup in the lineup of Fox & Friends Weekend, with someone like Brian Kilmeade moving to the Saturday edition of the show and Hegseth’s co-host Kristen Fisher taking over his spot on the Sunday edition.


Pete Hegseth has not announced any plans to leave Fox News, and a representative for the network says he is still under contract. However, Hegseth has been absent from Fox News’ programming for several weeks, leading to speculation that he may be planning to leave the network.

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