Ukraine’s Perspective on the G20 Joint Declaration


In the wake of the G20 joint declaration on war, Ukraine has expressed its reservations and concerns regarding the content and implications of this statement. In this article, we delve into Ukraine’s perspective on the G20 joint declaration, highlighting the key points of contention and providing a comprehensive analysis of why Ukraine believes it is “nothing to be proud of.”

Historical Context

To understand Ukraine’s stance on the G20 joint declaration, it’s essential to consider the historical context. Ukraine has been grappling with a long-standing conflict with Russia, particularly in Eastern Ukraine and Crimea. This conflict has led to the loss of lives, displacement of people, and economic instability in the region. Ukraine views the G20 as a platform where global leaders can address and resolve such conflicts, making it a significant player in international diplomacy.

Lack of Concrete Actions

One of Ukraine’s primary concerns regarding the G20 joint declaration is the perceived lack of concrete actions to address ongoing conflicts and promote peace. The declaration contains general statements about the importance of peace and conflict resolution but lacks specific measures or commitments from member states to support Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Ukraine believes that the G20 should be taking a more proactive role in resolving such conflicts rather than issuing vague declarations.

Humanitarian Crisis

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has led to a severe humanitarian crisis, with millions of people in need of assistance. Ukraine expected the G20 joint declaration to address this crisis and provide support for humanitarian efforts. However, the declaration falls short in this regard, leading Ukraine to question the commitment of G20 member states to alleviating the suffering of those affected by the conflict.

Economic Impact

Another aspect of concern for Ukraine is the economic impact of the conflict. The sanctions imposed on Russia have had a ripple effect on Ukraine’s economy, leading to challenges in trade and economic stability. Ukraine had hoped that the G20 would use this platform to discuss and potentially mitigate these economic challenges, but the declaration does not adequately address this issue.

Call for Stronger Diplomacy

In response to the G20 joint declaration, Ukraine is calling for stronger diplomatic efforts to resolve the ongoing conflict with Russia. Ukraine believes that diplomatic negotiations and international mediation are crucial in achieving a lasting and peaceful resolution. The country urges the G20 member states to actively engage in diplomatic initiatives that prioritize peace and stability in the region.


In conclusion, Ukraine’s perspective on the G20 joint declaration is one of disappointment and concern. The lack of concrete actions, insufficient attention to the humanitarian crisis, and economic impact of the conflict have left Ukraine feeling that the declaration is “nothing to be proud of.” Ukraine emphasizes the importance of strong diplomatic efforts and calls on the G20 to take a more active role in addressing the ongoing conflict. It is clear that Ukraine expects more from the international community in resolving the challenges it faces, and this perspective deserves careful consideration on the global stage.

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